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Property assessment and consultation

The first step of this process is for one of our team to meet up and assess your property. We evaluate the potential revenue from Airbnb, factor in costs and forecast estimated returns based on the previous couple of years of data.

As an investor you want to make sure your property is making more money on a short-term rental platform than if you leased it. We work together with you to help analyse your current expenses (mortgage, utilities & insurance) and offset them against your potential rental income.

We evaluate the type of property you have, its layout, location, unique characteristics and how these can either enhance or may be hindering your listing on Airbnb. These factors can all influence the nightly rate you can achieve from your property.

We provide advice on furnishing and styling your property to maximise its online appeal to the broadest range of guests and therefore increase your property’s occupancy rate. Higher occupancy means greater returns.

Marketing and Photography

We put together your online wording and photos to create a profile, that genuinely appeals to potential guests visiting your area.

Pictures build the story around your property and create anticipation about the potential experience that awaits a future guest arriving at your property. We produce photographs that show your property in it’s best light.

Great pictures mean more clicks and therefore bookings and profit.

We craft a listing coupled with the pictures that sell!


Once you have set up your property account and profile online, you are ready to take bookings.

To successfully convert inquiries into bookings requires prompt and professional response times.

This can be a time and a labour intensive process.

Custom Bnb Hosting utilises the brilliance of up-to-date technology to respond to guest questions, queries and needs in a timely manner and we have earned a reputation for exceptional guest communication.

Cleaning I Maintenance I Amenities

Custom Bnb Hosting is an end-to-end service. We make sure the guest has an excellent experience from the moment they make contact with us until they leave and write a review for you. We ensure their stay is stress free, friendly and value for money, so they want to return.

A clean property is one of the biggest factors to influence a guest’s experience. We work closely with our professional cleaning team to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and property presentation.

We also work with property owners to maintain their property aesthetic and address issues quickly. We replenish personal amenities for the guest’s convenience too, such as shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper and basic kitchen condiments.

Do It Yourself

Would you like to manage your own property on Airbnb but just need help getting started? Book a consultation with us and we help you create your profile and set up your listing.

We charge $89 for a one hour consult if you already have an Airbnb host account. This fee is waived if you do not have an existing host account, as Airbnb will pay as for the referral. We are happy to consult over zoom or Skype.

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