The Team

Alli is an entrepreneur, property owner and world traveller. Alli has a passion for properties and loves looking at and assessing them, especially if you have a particularly unique property!

Alli is a professional at what she does and is excited to be able to help you realise the untapped potential of your property via the use of short-term rental platforms.

Alli and Meredith are committed to supporting you in your hosting experiences and, together, have created a trustworthy, Australian small business that respects and values your custom.

Meredith has bought, renovated and sold a number of properties and shares Alli’s love of property investing. Having read many books on Real Estate and investing, it became clear to Meredith that the proverbial ‘golden egg’ was positive cash flow properties.

Renovation was one obvious way to achieve this but is often labour intensive and costly.

Listing properties on AirBnb and other short-term rental platforms was another strategy Meredith discovered to secure positive cash flow, and is now the one she focuses on.

Meredith believes that investors have the opportunity to earn higher returns on their property using these platforms than if they leased in the traditional way, with one tenant paying a fixed weekly amount.

Also inspiring Meredith is the knowledge that, done right, this strategy is a win-win for everyone involved.

With her and Alli taking care of the whole process, owners can list their property on short-term rental platforms and with little effort, receive great returns on their investment, while giving their guests an awesome, five star experience staying at well-located, exceptional properties.

A true win-win for all!